Monday, January 19, 2009

simply the best

we never actually bother to check what type of bristles do we use, don't we? its just toothbrush, so as long as it does what it claim it does (which is cleaning our teeth) then all is fine, right? plus, the cheaper the better.. after all its just a toothbrush..

in the actual truth, in April 1999 a guy in Chicago has filed a lawsuit against 8 toothbrush manufacturer in the US for not putting any warning labels on their medium and hard-bristled toothbrushes that its usage may cause what we call 'toothbrush abrasion'. this guy also was seeking damages on behalf of anyone who suffers from this condition.

and so,
what is this 'toothbrush abrasion'?

abrasion is damage to the surface of our teeth usually caused by daily usage of bristle that is too harsh and/or incorrect technique of toothbrushing. almost everyone who brushes with medium or hard-bristled toothbrush will have some signs of surface damage; and if they continue throughout their life using those toothbrushes, they will experience some degree of gum irritation, gum recession and permanent tooth hypersensitivity.

just like water can do this to rocks,

toothbrush does this to our teeth.


how do we know we have those surface damages?

get a check up. your dentist can tell you. also, if you have that hypersensitivity and you thought its just your bad luck, think again. you might already have the abrasion cavity.

but then,
can a soft bristled toothbrush really clean our teeth?

of course! the most important thing is our technique! the only downside of it is we might probably have to frequently change our toothbrush because soft bristles are more easily damaged. but then that's a good thing! do you know how much germs and bacterias can accumulate on a one-month-old toothbrush? eewwwww....

correct toothbrushing technique

which brand, then? oral b? colgate?

none the matter. any brand will do, seriously. its bristle is what matters more.

alright then,
what happen to that chicago guy?

dont know really. couldn't find any article or news that says whether he won the lawsuit or not. i wish him luck though. :)