Sunday, November 16, 2008

mind that gap!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some people think mocha-skinned people are exotic. some people think hairy-chested guys are macho. i think tall men are sexy. i also think i look sweet in purple (eceh! perasan!) although all my sisters think purple is a boring colour..

those gaping hole between your two front teeth has been bugging you lately? you actually have several choices in improving it, if it's that what you are after.

1. braces
spacing in between your teeth can easily be corrected with braces. the good thing is it doesn't involve extracting any of your teeth. but, though this is the easiest solution, you still have to wear it for quite a long time for the result(1-3 yrs). the good thing: it doesn't involve cutting any of your tooth structure or any foreign material. its your natural teeth minus the gap.

2. filling
if the gap is small, you can always have the space filled. we usually will take the colour of your teeth first to suit the colour of the material that we are going to use. the procedure will take about half hour and voila! no gap no more. but it does come with a hitch: you cannot eat hard stuff with your front teeth or those filling will break. you should also refrain yourself from taking too much coffee/tea/coloured food because that filling are easily stained. but then, its cost is much much lower than wearing braces, so if it breaks, or if the colour has changed, or if you want the tooth shape done differently... you can always repeat this treatment. no problem there.

3. crowning / veneering
because it is lab-constructed, doing crown or veneer will eliminate all the problems that you might have with a tooth filling. meaning; it doesn't break easily, it doesn't stain and it looks really good and natural. the downside of it: its cost. it may cost lower than braces, but it is about 10 times higher than if you do a simple filling. crowning also involves cutting some structure of the teeth- so you might have sensitivity problem later on. veneer doesn't have this problem, but its cost is double the cost of crowning.

4. or else

or else... leave it alone!!
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some people may think that gap in your teeth make you look sexier..