Friday, August 13, 2010

that time of the year, the most barakah of all :)

salam all,
i'm so sorry i haven't been able to write, i have been busy and the situation is out of hand!!! i have been trying to reply your comments as much as i can, but if there's any that i missed please feel free to send your queries again okay? and i'll try to reply as soon as i can.

Ramadhan is upon us again, so if you have any doubts about having dental treatment during this holy month i have blogged about it here, and here. feel free to ponder, and i hope i helped in any kemusykilan that you might have :)

now i have a favour to ask from you my dear readers; please tell me the topics that you'd like me to explain or blog about, for i am now quite out of ideas! i'll be writing about dental treatment during pregnancy soon, that will be an interesting topic but there are some issues that i need to clarify about with the experts before i can blog about it.

Ramadhan kareem everyone, and May Allah Bless us all. Salam :)