Thursday, October 1, 2009

bridging the gap

salam to all,
i hope its not too late to wish all readers eid mubarak... my family, my staffs and i wishes that this eid will bring all of us happiness and barakah..

today i would like to highlight a plea from one of our readers. its on the 'bridge' subject. as you all know, doing bridge requires quite a hefty amount of money, especially if we want to replace more than one tooth. and this treatment is quite permanent; meaning once you do this treatment, turning back is a more costly option, whether in terms of money or even to our teeth. but nonetheless it is a treatment i highly recommend as compared to dentures. of course, its maintenance in order to ensure its longlastingness is also upmost important, as also the maintenance of our general oral health.

so here it goes:

Anonymous said...

Salam and hello everyone, please cite sikit pada saya pengalaman saudara / saudari yang pernah buat bridge gigi(bridge sahaja ok)..saya nie tgh dilema nak buat ke taknak bridge sebab takut hasilnye tak cantik atau ade ape2 side effect..jadi mengikut pengalaman korang, cite la macamana korang mase buat brige tu..sakit ke tak..lepas buat tu sakit ke tak..bape lame sakit tu..and if after dah ilang sakit tu korang ade hadapi ape2 masalah tak and nak cure nyer macam mana, please bagitau add. email saya…pengalaman all of u sangat bermakna buat saya..please guide me

you guys are more than welcome to leave your feedback here or email straight to her/him. to me, we always have to check and balance on the pros and cons not just on the pain matter but take also into consideration our state of oral health and habits, i.e sensitivity issues, food intake and whether we're very concious or moderately concious of our oral hygiene.

and to wdt_arte, good luck!