Monday, September 10, 2012

Sensitive Issues

Hehe the title sounds intriguing, eh? No, no i'll not be blogging about politics or any kinds of youtube posting, instead the ever-unsolved problem about sensitive, or hypersensitive teeth. This topic is really the hot issue right now with several dental care companies fighting among themselves on who's product is better in resolving sensitivity problem than others. Watch the TV if you don't believe me ;)

If the real tooth truth be told, all of us, in a way or another, has experienced or will experience the pain caused by tooth hypersensitivity. This is because, the causative factor of hypersensitivity ranges from the normal things we do (i.e the way we brush, our diet, toothbrush selection etc) to the more hard-to-tell reasons (such as changes in altitude or weather, some type of medication, certain habits). and , in reality, solving these matters are not like walking in the park either. 

First and foremost, this will be the best piece of advice you will get from me, free of consultation charge :D

if you have sensitive teeth, get a dental check up first for a correct diagnosis

This is because, for example, if your sensitivity is caused by a cavity, the treatment you need is NOT a toothpaste but rather a filling! But if because of the sensitivity, you get yourself those over-the-counter toothpaste, yes, it will reduce the pain, but it will also masks the real problem: the cavity! Ends up, next thing you know, you'll have excruciating pain and may need root canal treatment because that cavity has become bigger!

Certain medications also caused sensitivity to your teeth. The solution is simple: change your medication! no need no toothpaste-changing! so please have your teeth check, ok?

If the problem is really hypersensitivity, then we can provide you with sample toothpaste.  Not all people are well suited with all brands, and we can provide you with samples of assorted brands. When you find the brands that suits you, then you will be able to choose better. 

We are here to help! Really! Janji Ditepati! and no, I am not at all affiliated to any specific political party brands. Cheers! :D