Sunday, November 16, 2008

mind that gap!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some people think mocha-skinned people are exotic. some people think hairy-chested guys are macho. i think tall men are sexy. i also think i look sweet in purple (eceh! perasan!) although all my sisters think purple is a boring colour..

those gaping hole between your two front teeth has been bugging you lately? you actually have several choices in improving it, if it's that what you are after.

1. braces
spacing in between your teeth can easily be corrected with braces. the good thing is it doesn't involve extracting any of your teeth. but, though this is the easiest solution, you still have to wear it for quite a long time for the result(1-3 yrs). the good thing: it doesn't involve cutting any of your tooth structure or any foreign material. its your natural teeth minus the gap.

2. filling
if the gap is small, you can always have the space filled. we usually will take the colour of your teeth first to suit the colour of the material that we are going to use. the procedure will take about half hour and voila! no gap no more. but it does come with a hitch: you cannot eat hard stuff with your front teeth or those filling will break. you should also refrain yourself from taking too much coffee/tea/coloured food because that filling are easily stained. but then, its cost is much much lower than wearing braces, so if it breaks, or if the colour has changed, or if you want the tooth shape done differently... you can always repeat this treatment. no problem there.

3. crowning / veneering
because it is lab-constructed, doing crown or veneer will eliminate all the problems that you might have with a tooth filling. meaning; it doesn't break easily, it doesn't stain and it looks really good and natural. the downside of it: its cost. it may cost lower than braces, but it is about 10 times higher than if you do a simple filling. crowning also involves cutting some structure of the teeth- so you might have sensitivity problem later on. veneer doesn't have this problem, but its cost is double the cost of crowning.

4. or else

or else... leave it alone!!
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some people may think that gap in your teeth make you look sexier..


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Mrz Hafezh,

I 'm curious about something.mintak tolong jawabkan boleh.

I ade tmpal 4 lobang dan cuci . (Rm 360). dan die kata gigi I ade ar, cr. apa ar and cr tu..

Jasa baik dr. saya ucapkan time kasih


mrshzefah said...

ar tuh amalgam restoration, i.e tampalan yg warna silver. cr pulak composite restoration meaning tampalan yg berwarna gigi. tuh biasanya abbreviation yg kitorg guna dalam dental record.

nurul said...

Hi dr,

Gigi depan saya jarang. so kalau saya nk buat veneering / crowning brp kos dia biasanya? klu buat filling thn lama ke?

Harap dr bole menjawab psoalan saya ni..Thanks..

mrshzefah said...

hi nurul,
besar ke space kat gigi depan awak tuh? kalau kecik biasanya buat filling mmg dah ok je. cuma kalau byk ambik coloured food, filling tu boleh berubah warna,so mb kena tukarla filling tu after a while, say dlm 5 thn. paling best kalau buat veneering sebab hasil dia memang cun. tapi kos dia minimum dalam rm1600++ bergantung pada berapa byk bilangan gigi yg involve.

LuTaNiA said...

hye doctor,
actually sy br buat a-levels now utk buat dentistry later. i'm abt to turn 19. :)
just wanna know, sy ade this crossbite jaw arrangement, think i inherit from my mum. How to fix this case yeah doctor?
The dentist i asked said i hv to use braces, but i really don't hv any idea how that will work. :)

mrshzefah said...

hi lutania,
xbite correction mmg only through ortho treatment. usually depending on the spaces that you have and spaces that u need to move in/out the teeth involved. usually they put biteplanes to open up your bite, then the tooth can be moved. for further explanation you need to see orthodontist, i'm pretty sure they can explain the specific treatment to you better than me...

Anonymous said...

sy berminat tuk pkai braces..
just nak tau roughly cost n time tuk pkai..
lagi 1..ade effect x?coz muka sy mudah bengkak kalo ade pe2 yg xkena or sesuai.
pls advise.tq!

Anonymous said...

hi doc..
sy berminat tuk pkai braces..
gigi sy mmg jngang truk kt bhgian atas.
ape procedure yg sy kena follow bcoz sy stay outside slngor.
kne buat appointment tuk jupe specialist?

mrshzefah said...

braces mmg biasanya kena buat appt dgn specialist, tapi nak jumpa specialist tuh biasanya kena jumpa dentist biasa dulu for early assessment. roughly cost for braces is around rm3.5k++ n estimated treatment length is around 2 1/2 years (for explaination ada dlm my previous post).
pasal muka bengkak tuh, kena check out whether awak allergic pada bahan mcm latex/rubber or metal. sbb tuh la bahan2 yg kita guna untuk rawatan ortodontik nih.
good luck!

Anonymous said...

dr, gigi depan saya jarang. dlm 1/2 gigi la. nk wat filling ok ke? berape RM ea?? nk wat braces rase mcm rugi,. sebab gigi laen ok.. lgpun saya org susah. cuma x confident la bila gigi jarang nie

Anonymous said...

sy nk tanya cmne nk g klinik Dr.. saya stay kat yang senang nk g situ?LRT k KTM k..bus k??

mrshzefah said...

gigi jarang dlm 1/2 gigi besarnya ek? mb boleh buat filling je kalau concern pasal kos, tapi hati2 masa makan jgn gigit benda keras guna gigi depan nnti terpecah .. kos filling cemtu lebih kurang rm100..
klinik saya? dekat dgn ukm bangi so kalau turun stesyen komuter ukm boleh naik teksi dr situ.. klinik saya dekat dgn klinik kesihatan kerajaan/stesyen petronas seksyen 3.. kalau naik bas pun boleh gak, tp bas yg mana saya tak sure lah..

Anonymous said...

Salam Dr.

Saya pernah pergi klinik Dr, tp pekerja Dr. kata Dr. xambik pesakit waktu ptg..just yg buat appointment je.
ok la...tak pe..nanti saya gi waktu pagi plak...Dr. saya nak tanya perkara2 beikut :-

1) Berapa cost crown untuk 4 btg gigi
2) Berapa cost untuk RCT
3) berapa lama tempoh dari RCT dan crown di buat.
4) Dr, terima kad kredit tak?(kat pintu klinik ada tulis CC accepted.)

Terima kasih Dr.

mrshzefah said...

hi, sorry for my late reply.
1. crown yg biasa rm600, so kalau 4 rm2400.
2. rct rm100 untuk satu akar
3. hmmm... gigi tuh perlu buat rct ke tak? biasa kita buat rct dulu lepas tu straight away continue dgn crown. tapi if the tooth doesnt need rct boleh buat crowning je, n kalau ada problem later rct tuh boleh dibuat over the crown, no prob.
4. visa n mastercard is accepted. diner's, amex not yet


naddy said...

Hello Doc

Saya 33 thn...msh boleh buat braces?

ceramic braces, lingual braces dan self-ligating braces yg maner harga tak mahal dah memberi kesan yg cepat n baik kepada gigi.
Berapa lama masa yg diambil utk pemakaiannya.
berapa kah kos nya.


mrshzefah said...

hi naddy,
33 thn muda lagilaaa.... boleh je buat braces...
mmm kalau nak yg murah, the normal metal braces are around rm4500
kalau nak yg cantik, tak nampak sgt mcm pakai braces, ceramic braces is the way to go, around rm5500
kalau nak yg super cepat result, treatment length cut to half the time compared to normal metal/ceramic braces pulak choose the selfligating braces, but the cost is rm6500
lingual braces treatment length paling lama, twice dr normal braces dan paling mahal, dlm rm7500
hope that helps, thanx!

Anonymous said...

slm doc..pliz help student ag n jadual sy agk pack..gigi sy ade gap n im figuring out 2do sumthin with nk tny kalu nk wat crowning,bape kali ek appointment ngn dentist?& what about filling? & especially kt kuantan,i dont know which clinic should i go..=( em lastly,utk crowning konfem ek rm600?

mrshzefah said...

hi anon,
crowning biasanya appt 2x je.. 1st for preparation to send to lab, 2nd appt pulak untuk pasang.. kalau filling sekali dtg je, buleh buat terus. kat kuantan? alamak saya takde colleague la yg saya kenal kat kuantan.. kat kt ada le.. n crowning usually is rm600. tapi probably at your area a little cheaper..

Anonymous said...

hi doc...gigi saya jarang skit kat dpn cuma yg 2 gigi depan...filling ok?ada risiko x?berapa kali kene tukar?cost?tq...if u able reply ASAP yea..

fasarashid said...

salam doc.. sy nk tnyer gg sy jarang kat depan,, ta besar sngt pon tp nmpa la jarang tu.. sy teringin sangat nk gigi yg tersusun.. gigi jarang buat sy ta confident bile nk presentation kat depan kelas or hall.. rawatan pe yg perlu sy gune? cost yg sesuai tuk student mcm saya nie... =,=

Anonymous said...

Hi doc..sya ada mslh gg depan tu agak bsr kat atas kat gusi but mengecil kat bwh. Apa rwtn yg sesuai n blh dpt hasil yg cepat serta brapr kos? Tq..

Anonymous said...

Hi doc..sya ada mslh gg depan kat bhgn atas dkt ngan gusi agak lebar but mengecil kan bhgn bwh. Nak tnya apa rwtn yg sesuai n blh dpt hasil yg cpt serta brape kos rwtn? Tq..

RS said...

Assalamualaikum Dr.

Gigi depan saya ni dah tak cantik sbb terjatuh masa skolah. Dua2 gigi atas patah then satu gigi tu patah menyerong. Boleh Dr cadangkan what treatment yg boleh bg gigi tu nampak cantik balik? Crowning or veneering?

Lg satu gigi bawah sy mmg tak rata. Boleh tak kalau nak pakai braces tp belah bawah shj?

Sy harap Dr boleh bg explaination dan total cost yg diperlukan. Terima kasih. ^^

schafiza azmi said...

Hi doc , may I know where is ur clinic? And the exact location and address?