Thursday, March 6, 2008

for parents and would-be s

fact 1 -

yes, milk tooth is rrreeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy easy to have holes on it. its minuscule, plus the fact that our child almost all the times doesnt want to hear us...

no sweets!!
but i want it!!
go brush your teeth!
but i dont want to!!

they always seems to LOVE contradicting us!

fact 2 -

but they can also brush their teeth fine! yeah... they also can eat fine by themselves... but theres always mounts of nasik on the table and floor...

so lets fast forward to lesson number 2:

routine dental check up for your child (age 2-6 yrs)

as i mention earlier, milk tooth is too easy to become rotten, because
1. they take their milk often, and milk are like vitamins for bacterias.
2. their size is small, so however small the hole might be, it can straight away become big the next week.
3. their motor control (i.e their control of their toothbrushes) are still not very good (thus the nasik on the floor) so no matter how loong/short they take to brush their teeth its still not thoroughly clean..
4. not to mention the amount of sugar they take... (i do wonder whether mine can get juvenile diabetes with her granny/grandpa/aunties/uncles feeding her all sorts of tidbits every half hour or so...)
5. and because of no. 2, all in a sudden before you realize there's a hole in your child's tooth, he's already crying, not able to sleep, not able to eat, and worse- now you see his face is asymmetrical- because the swelling becomes so big, one of his cheek becomes extra ermm.. 'comel'....

so please bring your child to dental checkups as early as at the age of 2... the earlier the better.. so that anything can be detected early... early intervention also means less pain and less cost..
and if your child is below 6 yrs old please dont let him brush his teeth only on his own. of course you can encourage him, its better that way,but also make sure you yourselves help him brush everytime..

its just so sad to see children as young as 2 years old crying their hearts out because the pain is unbearable.. we ourselves cannot stand toothache, let alone a 2 year old... no wonder dental treatment is such a phobia..

so let your dentist help them. small lesions/holes can easily be filled, but large ones will be a completely different story altogether.

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