Tuesday, May 20, 2008

in too deep

choices, choices, choices.

pumps: red? blue? purple?
football: man u? liverpool? chelsea?
cars: toyota? mazda? honda?

teeth: cabut? cabut? cabut? *huh?*

we do have choices when it comes to the health of our teeth. all the choices available is to eliminate whatever discomfort that we have. be it just a small hole, or major pain in the (ermm..) oral cavity... YES! we have!

a small to medium-sized hole on our tooth will present itself as a slight discomfort: during eating, drinking... especially hot or cold or sweet. its solution is simplest of all: filling! because the cavity is small, only involves the enamel and a little bit of dentin and very far away from the nerve, pain during this type of treatment is zilch!

a medium to large-sized cavity will cause a more apparent discomfort. added to that is the feeling that there's always some food stuck at that area whenever we eat, and it is becoming more and more difficult for us to take the food out. the other sign would be, whenever we floss, the floss gets stuck. the solution again, is filling. but apart from the normal filling material, we will also add a medication (a calcium hydroxide material) that will stop the caries from going deeper and nearer to the nerve by promoting the production of secondary dentin, which is a harder, stronger layer as compared to our primary dentin.

a large cavity may well has your pulp (the chamber housing our nerve) involved already. you will have: - hell of a pain, accompanied by swelling of gum, and the occasional facial asymmetry. Solution: root canal treatment. basically we will take out all the nerve and blood capillary that supplies that particular tooth; clean the canal area and fill it up with a type of rubber. it is almost the same process as mummification: we embalm the tooth so that the tooth is dead, no sense whatsoever, but still can remain in the mouth and still can be used to chew.

if all these fail, then you can consider extracting the tooth. but, you can also consider redoing the treatments.

choices, choices, choices. its all up to you. how much value do you put to your teeth? or should i say, how much value do you put in comfortably and without worry eating the satay kajang.. pizza... nasi dagang... soto ayam.. mee bandung muar... roti canai... lamb chop... strawberries and vanilla ice-cream... lobster thermidor... cupcakes....

choices, choices, choices.

euro: italia! italia! italia! :D


faridah YD said...

hi dr annisa,
i happen to stumble upon your blog and surprise to read that u are dentist and also a lefthanded since i am also a lefthanded and will be a dentist in few years more..besides, i also live in bangi too :) maybe i can go to your clinic and work part time when i am in bangi later..hehe

mrshzefah said...

hi faridah, you're most welcome... being lefthanded will only makes us unique.. hehe..

Dentist said...

it hard to work with the left hand! But the most important things is that your are special. Thanks to HIM that give you the skill and specialty...

annaheim said...

emm..sy ade enquiry la pasal gigi aneh sy..camne mau tanye aa.?

mrshzefah said...

tanya kat sini pun buleh... dont fret, saya mesti reply punye..

ainshaaidi said...

hye dr..my name is ain..huhu
im 22 but still got the gigi susu..hehe
mm...act i want to wear braces.. how much does it cost nowadays?

Anonymous said...

hi dr.
i just went to clinic in my area(gombak), n ask for the price to make braces, n d cost is 6k(fix- not even look at my teeth 1st). gosh, realy expensive ler. i wondering if ur price to make braces more cheaper. ;)

Anonymous said...

Slm Dr, saya mengalami sakit gigi. dh makan painkiller tapi still sakit.kena cabut or tampal je ye? berapa kos rawatan utk first time sy datang ke klinik Dr utk check ttg sakit gigi tu?Senang nk budget.
TQ Dr.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dr,
Im interested to know ur price for braces. My teeth condition quite teruk. Never ask other clinic yet, but today i found ur blog n interested to know more. Mind to share?