Thursday, May 15, 2008

the very first time

I hate horror movies. When i become a dental surgeon, that hate evolves to despise. I totally despise horror movies, one in particular. Why can’t they make gross movies about lawyers? Engineers? Accountants? Why can’t they produce ‘DrakuLawyer’ or ‘The Engineer of Death’ or ‘Ledger of Blood’? First impression always counts, doesn’t matter what anyone believe. And the first impression the world population got about a dentist is horror.


Enough babbling. Seriously, going to the dentist is NOT excruciating anymore. Pain during dental treatment is an outdated perception, an old story (just like the movie). Modern technologies, updated equipments, improved techniques; all with the same aim:- to lessen, if not eliminate, pain. Do you remember your first visit to the dentist? is it bad? do you want your child to have that same bad experience?

So, how are we going to wipe off the phobia? Especially to our children? When the whole world practically is against us?

  1. Make your child’s first visit a very comfortable one. Instead of scaring them away, we can always give the impression that a trip to the dentist is a joyful one; just like a trip to the zoo. Be positively enthusiastic; children can always sense if we are fearful.
  2. Bring them early in their life, and bring them often. They will easily get use to the clinic’s surrounding. Bring them as early as their first tooth erupted. Bring them whenever you yourself or your spouse or your sister has dental appointments.
  3. Bring all family members. Children always like to copy their siblings, and they always like to do things in groups. It is a family trip, after all.
  4. Do NOT mention the word ‘pain’, ‘needle’, ‘jab’ or anything similar before the trip. They will chicken out even before the war begins.

We will also try to make your child’s first visit be as comfortable as possible. We do not usually do any treatment right away; we will just introduce the instruments to them. We will usually show them that our tools are not going to cause any pain, that it is just water and air. We will also let them experience our ‘robotic’ chair- boys always love it.

Nowadays, dental clinics are designed to be very people-friendly and comfortable. We always have children’s section where they can play with toys and further ease their minds. Clinics are now devoid of that ‘hospital-ly’ smell, thanks to ambi pur and aromatherapy. We ourselves do not like pain. We certainly do not want our patients to experience pain.

Ease your minds, don't believe the propaganda. Dentists don’t bite. Seriously.


Dentist said...

Hi good start!!

mrshzefah said...

thanx.. always good to hear from colleagues!