Wednesday, August 13, 2008

us, unique.

13 august 2008-

Happy Lefties Day to lefties around the world.

not many people were aware that i practice with my left hand. i take that as a positive output: it means they are comfortable with me even though i am somewhat 'different'. but some who notices often ask me the oldest question: how do you adept? i do not know how, i just do. some of my left-handed colleagues do their work with their right hand (i applaud them- their practice makes them ambidextrous) but for me, i like being different; and if practicing dentistry with my left hand makes me unique, so be it.

does being left-handed affect the outcome of my work? i would like to believe absolutely not. i trust it is who we are, not which hand we use, that determines the outcome of what we do.

there are dental chairs that can be set for left-handed dentists, but i am comfortable with the right-sided settings. besides, all my locum dentists are right-handed. i wouldn't want to trouble them unnecessarily. it used to be awkward for my nurses to adapt with me, since i do my work from the left side; but by now i am pretty sure they are getting used to it.

to all lefties out there: celebrate our uniqueness!


Syazwi said...

i don't know anyth bout this date up until know
thx for sharing it
i'm a lefty too btw

go lefties!
let's make the world a more unique place!

atie said...

salam dr.

sy ada masalah dgn gg hdpan,now sy pkai sbtg gg plasu but the problem is gigi palsu tu xsama bsar ngan gg asal yg disebelahnya dan ini menampkkan gg hadapan sy agak jongang sdkit..lau ikutkn sy nk cabut n wat je 2 btg gg plsu tp smlm da pg klinik, dr. tu suggest sy wat bridge ktanya syg klu nk cabut gg kosnya 1 unit rm550..huhu,xtau lg kna pkai brape unit coz yg handle bridge ni dr.lain..ape pndapat dr eak???ok ke kos tu?slalunya d klinik swasta kn byr skaligus@leh ansuran..

mrshzefah said...

salam atie,
untuk ganti gigi yg hilang bridge mmg solution yg paling best. takyah nak cabut gigi yg ada, instead guna gigi tuh sebagai tiang dia. atie nak ganti satu gigi je kan? kalau satu gigi je mb perlu buat 2 unit atau 3 unit bridge. so maknanya kalau dr tuh quote rm550 satu unit, kos awak dlm rm1100-rm1650. ok sgt tuh. antara yg termurah jugak tuh. pasal bayaran, awak bincang2la dgn dr tuh. bridge ni kena 2x dtg, so awak mb boleh set jarak appt awak sebulan, so that way awak kira boleh 2x byrla... ok? good luck!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum doctor, saya nak tny selepas pakai braces berapa lama kita perlu pakai retainer? sy selepas buka braces pakai dlm setahun jer....kwn sy bgtau kena pakai sepanjang hayat...betul ke doc?