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how early do we actually introduce the dentist to our children? i get a lot of these type of questions from parents. when indeed? the moment their first tooth erupt? or the moment they start shedding their milk tooth? or when they tell you they have toothache, and you've given them painkiller but those don't work no more??

i'm 3 months old and my tooth are coming out soon!

in an ideal world, the best time to start bringing your child to meet your dentist are when they start having teeth, say, when they have like 2 or 4 or 6 teeth. don't worry, we are not going to do any treatment to your baby, but we can show you the correct way on how to clean those teeth and discuss on the special needs of your child; e.g. what to do if your child has to sleep with his bottle in his mouth, the use of pacifier, problems during teething and thumbsucking, and so on so forth. as a guide, your child's first visit to the dentist should be before he celebrates his first birthday.

i am 4 years old and my mommy watch me brush my teeth!

our child will have a complete set of milk teeth when he reached 2 years of age. during all those times we as parents should be the ones who has been brushing their teeth up to when they are 3 years old. this is because their motor control (i.e. their ability to hold the toothbrush) are still a little bit impaired. when they are 3 years old, slowly teach them to brush by themselves. supervised toothbrushing should be done up until they are 8 years old (9 or 10 for boys) so that you are assured they really does brush their ALL their teeth, not just the front surface. also, toothbrushing session should last for at least 2 minutes. visit to the dentist during this age (2-6 years) are also important, not just to check any early caries lesion and eruption of his teeth, but also to discuss your child's need of nonfluoridated or fluoridated toothpaste and also additional fluoride treatment.

with newfound feet (and freedom :D) toddlers and children are much more prone to falls and injuries. we should immediately seek treatment if this unfortunate events should happen for the dentist to be able to assess the injuries and explain treatment options our child might need. if ever a permanent teeth fall off during the accident, try and save that fallen tooth by soaking it in milk or salt water or the child's own saliva. we might be able to reinsert the tooth back if you are able to seek impromptu treatment. for active children, to prevent these sort of injuries we can costruct a customized mouthguard for them. mouthguards are also recommended to sporty schoolchildren, motorcyclists and those who habitually grind their teeth (during stress or sleeping).

milk tooth will start being replaced by permanent tooth when our child reaches the age 6, starting with the lower front teeth. our child's teeth will look uneven and not very nice between ages 6-10 because of mixed dentition (some tooth are milk tooth, and some are permanent, so difference in sizes makes their set of teeth looks uneven). we call this mixed dentition stage as 'ugly duckling stage'. dont worry if their front teeth appears so huge, this is because those permanent front teeth are for a much larger jaw, and his jaw will grow as he grows. the most important part is not to hurry extracting the milk tooth. it is essential to wait until the permanent tooth appears or until the milk tooth becomes loose. this is because, the earlier we extract our child's milk teeth, the more possibility of their permanent teeth become malaligned. think of the milk teeth as sort of 'tour guide' to his permanent teeth; without the guidance of the milk teeth's root, the permanent teeth will be lost and can end up not at the area that they suppose to be,resulting in the malalignment.

our children are precious, and so does their teeth. we,as adult, do feel the agony of having toothache; and so does them and most probably much more. so bring them for routine check ups and not when its too late and they are already in pain. prevention is better than suffer.


Hazlin said...

Salam ziarah,

Jemput ke blog saya www.gigidotcom.blogspot.com

saya telah link blog Dr...

Lord Voldemort said...

Those kids are so cute ;-)

mrshzefah said...

to mr lord:
then you should see their mom! :D

Mrs Vie said...

Hi dok.
Sy nak tau svc kat dental-pro Kl ok ke?Diaorg offer 1500 utk whitening package,ok ke price tu??
Saya tak tau apa rawatan yg perlu sy ambil sm ada veneer@whitening..Saya ingin meratakan gigi bahagian depan sahaja & memutihkan gigi.Adakah teeth veneer ini boleh dilakukan untuk bahagian gigi depan saja supaya supaya senyuman lebih menawan.Brapakah min kos untuk veneer ni?Yg plg penting sy tak nk gigi dicabut,tu je..tolong ye dok,mn satu ye rawatan plg sesuai?

Mrs Vie said...

Satu lg mslh gigi sy ni,kenapa tiap kali saya berus gigi mesti gusi berdarah?sgt sensitif dan asal stiap kali bangun pagi memang gusi sy kerap berdarah.Mslh ini berlaku sejak sy buat rawatan cuci gigi di klinik taun lepas,gusi saya luka selepas gigi dicuci.Dr hari tu sy tak berani p klinik cuci gigi n sgt menyesal buat rawatan tu,krn sebelum itu tak pernah gusi sy bermasalah.Apa pandangan Dok..?

mrshzefah said...

hi mrs vie,
kalau awak nak buat veneer, tak perlu buat whitening, cuma perlu mention kat dr awak nak buat veneering tu kaler yg lebih putih, tu je. laser whitening for rm1500 ok sgt tuh. biasanya can reach more than 2k. veneering pulak, kosnya dlm rm1k for one tooth. tapi kalau what you want to achieve is a perfect smile, veneer is the way to go. whitening mmg best, tapi kesan dia limited and doest lasts.
pasal gusi berdarah tu, biasanya disebabkan oleh karang and rawatan dia memanglah scaling. untuk masalah ni saya cadangkan awak buat check up, ok? so that dr awak boleh kenalpasti punca berdarah tuh.

Mrs Vie said...

Hi dok..terima kasih atas pandangan & nasihat doktor.kalau veneering ni cuma boleh pilih salah satu dr PORCELAIN CERAMIC VENEER / COMPOSITE VENEER ataupun boleh di gunakan dua2 nya sekali.Agaknya berapa full cost veneering ni?Biasanya veneering ni utk keseluruhan gigi ataupun bahagian gigi depan saja?Kalau buat sebahagian bukan kah warna gigi berlainan nanti??

mrshzefah said...

hi mrs vie,
veneer boleh pilih antara ceramic or composite, bergantung kpd budget n eating habit. biasa kita buat gigi depan je, in pairs (maknanya samada 2,4,6 btg gigi) n mmg biasa untuk cosmetic purpose. composite veneer kosnya dlm rm100/satu gigi, ceramic veneer rm1000/satu gigi.

mohdhafiz said...

assalamualkum dr.,i'm hafiz currently 3rd yr dntal stdnt(soon 2 b a 4th yr this sptember)although i seldom post a comment in this blog(actually this is the 1st time!),but i try to spend a few minutes to read all of ur articles..very2 useful articles to people who wnt to know mainly about oral health including in islamic aspect(feqah etc)..bgslah doc!!

mrshzefah said...

wa'alaikumsalam hafiz,
tq! you guys are always welcome commenting on this blog, and kalau ada apa2 topic lain yg you'd like more info on, your suggestions are always appreciated!

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